Simplify earth imagery for data science

Transform earth imagery into meaningful context and actionable insights for business growth, global development, and geospatial intelligence with GBDX Notebooks.

Access the world’s largest earth imagery library

Access DigitalGlobe’s renowned 18-year global image library within a familiar Jupyter environment. Unlock over a hundred petabytes of multispectral and high-resolution imagery - ready for analysis.

  • Code python against imagery in a Jupyter notebook
  • Deploy your Jupyter models at continental scale
  • Load your selections as a pre-processed NumPy array
  • Leverage industry-leading imagery as the cleanest inputs for your data products

Simplify and expedite analysis with remote access

GBDX Notebooks manages all the heavy lifting of working with satellite imagery within a hosted Jupyter environment. Learn the basics of image science and machine learning with available tutorials, tools and community support.

  • Develop and run proprietary algorithms at scale
  • Defer to Dask compute for rapid interactive prototyping
  • Build on or tailor community methods to solve unique problems
Analysis at Scale
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Scale to GBDX with simplified task deployment

Want to run your algorithms at continental scale? A single deploy button will automatically convert your notebook into a GBDX task. Move from local prototyping to mass-scale analysis in one application, plus track your tasks, logs, and output from multiple notebooks all within one application.